Kelly Q. Anderson

Lake Forest Show House & Gardens Feature #FlashCardsByKQA

I had the pleasure of working with Michele Frigon Design on the renovation of my son’s bedroom/bathroom (seriously, he has the nicest room in my entire house!). At the end of one of our meetings I passed along some of my #FlashCardsByKQA (at the time I was preparing a large batch of cards to go into swag bags for a yoga retreat). Michele held the cards in her hands, looked up at me, and said, “I think we can do something with this!”

Fast forward a few weeks…and Michele asked to feature the cards in her designated space in the East Cottage at the Lake Forest Show House & Gardens. There is an 8×10 print framed on the mantle, and free 4×4 prints are available for patrons in the shop.

Many thanks to Michele for the feature! These flash cards are maximalist stories in micro form and are available for custom orders- need a large art print? Need mini cards for a retreat, celebration, graduation, anniversary party, corporate event, book club, or retail store? Contact me via this form here.

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