Kelly Q. Anderson

25 Things About Me

  1. I hate olives. I just do.
  2. A hockey stick knocked out my first tooth when I was 6.
  3. Weird things I like include pets with human names, miniature things, abandoned shopping malls, and marshmallows.
  4. I was a dancer at Disneyworld and Disneyland Paris when I was in high school.
  5. I can’t curl my tongue. It’s a genetic thing.
  6. I also can’t whistle. Not interested in learning either!
  7. My favorite holiday is Halloween. One year I dressed as a squid.
  8. I am classically trained in photography. I shot and developed my own film in high school and further studied it in college at the University of Iowa.
  9. I am terrible at softball.
  10. One time I received a message from a fortune cookie that said ‘Go ahead with confidence.’ It was the nudge I needed to completely change my goals. I still have the fortune!
  11. Riding a bicycle is one of life’s greatest joys. But please wear a helmet. I got hit by a cab in Chicago while riding my bike. I was totally fine thanks to the helmet.
  12. My favorite movie is Quiz Show. So many layers of goodies, So many ponder-this-forever moments.
  13. I was a newspaper columnist for six years until the pandemic torpedoed local news (RIP).
  14. My two favorite places to visit are Trader Joe’s and the public library.
  15. I have a deep fondness for dogs. Let me take your dog for a walk. Let me pet your dog’s head. Let me ask your dog about life.
  16. My favorite beauty product is coconut oil.
  17. My ideal drinks are water, coffee, kombucha, or tea.
  18. I am committed to inclusion and being involved with organizations that empower the LGBTQ+ community.
  19. I am a proud volunteer with Moms Demand Action.
  20. My hair has been lots of different colors: blonde, brunette, black, pink. I’ve chopped it all off into a pixie cut and donated 12 inches to be made into a wig.
  21. I have written for websites, blogs, Apps, radio, and magazines. I screamed when I got into InStyle Magazine.
  22. Traveling is my greatest indulgence. I would love to visit Greece, Portugal, Vermont, Antelope Canyon (AZ), Germany, Japan, Santa Fe (NM), and Bali.
  23. I am a stickler for seatbelts and speed limits.
  24. I would love to take guitar lessons but I keep putting it off. Why do I keep doing this?!
  25. I can do a back flip off a diving board. It’s my one party trick.

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