Kelly Q. Anderson

University of Iowa Alumni News & Happy Friday

It was a delight to be featured in Alumni News for my alma mater, the University of Iowa. I spent four glorious years writing in Iowa City and the many hours of critiquing and workshopping are nostalgic and smile-inducing to this day. Moreover, I’m so pleased at the shoutout for Off Campus Writers Workshop (my home away from home) and its 75th Anniversary Anthology ‘Turning Points’ (Windy City Press, 2021). I’m so proud of this organization and their endeavors; it is a true honor to be nominated to the Board of Directors as the Head of Promotions.

For more on the feature, CLICK HERE.

Psst! Couple of fun facts:
1. Yes, I am slightly mortified that the photo chosen for this feature has my naked foot in it.
2. That painting on the desk is one of my original works.
3. The day this photo was taken might have been the only time I’ve used a blow dryer and curling iron all year. Enjoy.
4. I’ve had that plant for nearly two years but if you look closely, you can spot the price tag still on it.

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