Kelly Q. Anderson

A Throwback: The 80s, E.T. & Virtual Rides


Last night we revived an old classic…a movie that harkens back to the very best of an 80s childhood. E.T. Glorious!

Some points to note: 
1. Did no one question that Elliot had a bedroom with an enormous walk-in closet specifically for (*checks notes*) stuffed animals?!
2. This movie is an opportunity to show your kids what landline telephones look like.
3. I completely forgot about the part where E.T. is found laying in a shallow ditch while a RACCOON pokes at his pale, near-dead body. Our whole family was in tears.
4. The scientists in this movie really come off as a bunch of weirdos who don’t talk but linger ominously.
5. The soundtrack is still extraordinary. Goosebumps. Your heart will fly across the moon.  Then you will crave Reese’s Pieces.

Bonus points: the next morning (after everyone’s emotions recovered), I pulled up this YouTube video. Seeing the movie reminded me of riding the E.T. ride at Universal Studios as a kid. It was magic. You sit on a bicycle, ride across the starlit sky, and at the very end, E.T. waves goodbye and says your name. Nothing better.

Image via Hollywood Reporter


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