Kelly Q. Anderson

Making the Short List: Fiction Prize

Looks like I forgot to share this nugget of delicious news. Last week I found myself echoing a familiar statement, “I’m not really a fiction writer. It’s not my strong suit.”

A writer friend lovingly pointed out that I was recently shortlisted by Five South Literary for a Fiction Prize. She wasn’t wrong. I was randomly inspired to pen a quirky ghost story based on my love affair with the movie ‘Beetlejuice.’ I submitted it on a whim and nearly peed my pants when I learned that editors read it and enjoyed it. “Hmmm,” she said. “Sounds like you might just be a fiction writer.”

Fiction is a battlefield. It requires extra armor for me. There’s usually a lot of huffing and frustration. But I still manage to get something on the page. So maybe I should stop discounting my efforts so much. I will simply embrace the moment and feel proud.

P.S. Congrats to Aliza Pelto, who went on to claim the grand prize!

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